Advisory Boards


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The Transportation Advisory Committee is composed of six members of the community and one SETD Board representative. Members are recruited, recommended and appointed by the SETD Board of Commissioners. Members are composed of the following categories:

One (1) member representing persons who are elderly and/or disabled.
One (1) member who is a provider of services to the elderly and/or disabled.
One (1) member who is a user of the services to the elderly and/or disabled.
Three (3) members at large representing at least one of the following groups:  local governments, including land use planners; employers; public health, social and human service providers; transit users; transit users who depend on transit for accomplishing daily activities; low-income individuals; social equity advocates; environmental advocates; bicycle and pedestrian advocates; people with limited English proficiency; educational institutions; or major destinations for users of public transit.
One (1) non-voting member representing the SETD Board of Commissioners.

Membership is expected to gain a working knowledge of SETD plans, policies, and programs and participate in scheduled meetings.  The term of each member shall be for two years, except the SETD Board representative who shall serve at the pleasure of the SETD Chair. Terms shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30 two years later. Terms shall be staggered, so that only a portion of the terms will end each year on June 30. Members may apply and be considered for reappointment through the established nomination and appointment process.

Regular meetings are generally held quarterly.  The committee will make recommendations to the SETD Board of Commissioners regarding transportation priorities funded through various funding streams including federal and state programs.  These priorities will be generated from the Long-Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan adopted by SETD in 2016.

If you are interested in serving on the Transportation Advisory Committee, please click  Transportation Advisory Application July 2018.