CC Rider to Adopt Plans

CC Rider will be looking to adopt the following two plans in mid-September.

The first Plan is the CCR Transit and Human Services Plan. This plan is designed to foster improved coordination between CC Rider and human services agencies used by residents of Columbia County.

The second Plan is the Master Plan for the five agency alliance providing transit services in NW Oregon. This plan has four appendices.

Please take a look at one or both plans and provide your comments to Michael Ray, Transit Administrator at:

[email protected]

A public hearing is preliminarily scheduled for September 20, 2017, at the Board of County Commissioners meeting.

CTP_CCR_20161024 (4)

Connector Management Plan_FINAL 10-21-16

Appendix A – Agency Data Reporting Form

Appendix B – Draft Policies

Appendix C – Policy Scan

Appendix D – Stakeholdder Survey