TCTD Dial-a-Ride Service


What is Dial-a-Ride

“The Wave’s” Dial-a-Ride is a door-to-door demand response transportation service designed to provide customers travel options in under-served areas of the District.  Everyone is eligible to use the Dial-a-Ride service.  Dial-a-Ride is a shared ride service, which means vehicles will be traveling other directions during your trip to serve the transportation needs of other Dial-A-Ride customers.

Hours and Days of Service

Dial-A-Ride service is offered Monday thru Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Dial-a-Ride Service Zones

TCTD Dial-a-Ride service is offered within the 3-zones listed below.  To travel zone-to-zone, TCTD allows you to schedule a Dial-A-Ride trip that will transport you to a bus stop to transfer onto a fixed schedule deviated bus service.  Riders choosing to use Dial-A-Ride service to transfer onto a bus ride fare free.

North County:  Manzanita – Nehalem – Wheeler – Rockaway – Garibaldi
Central County:  Tillamook – Bay City – Netarts – Oceanside
South County:  Pacific City – Beaver – Hebo – Cloverdale – Neskowin – Tierra del Mar

How to Schedule a Ride

Call the TCTD call center at 503-815-8283.  The call center hours of operation are Monday through Friday, between 8 AM to 5 PM.  When you call, please be ready with the following information:

  • Your name and number of people traveling with you
  • The date and times you wish to travel
  • Pickup address, apartment number
  • The time of your appointment
  • The address of your destination
  • Time of return trip
  • Do you require a personal care attendant to assist you
  • Will there be a service animal traveling with you
  • Type of mobility device that you will be using

Advance reservations are recommended.  Rides are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Rides can be scheduled up to 2 weeks in advance.  Same day ride requests are allowed on a space available basis.

When customers cannot determine when they will need a return trip, call the call center and a driver will be dispatched to pick you up within 60 minutes.

What to Expect From Dial-a-Ride Service

When you reserve your ride you will be assigned a 30-minute pickup window.  After your pickup window has been negotiated, your pickup time will be 15-minutes before or 15-minutes after your requested pickup time.  The pickup window is determined by the requested pickup time or the requested arrival time, not by both.   Your pickup window will be communicated at the time the trip reservation is made.  Dial-A-Ride is a shared ride service and this pickup window allows TCTD to accommodate trips requested by other customers.

You must be ready, watching and waiting to leave within your scheduled pickup window.  The Dial-a-Ride driver will wait a maximum 5-minutes upon arrival within your pickup window.  If you are not ready the driver will move on after 5-minutes and your trip will be recorded as a No-Show.  Excessive No-Show trips may result in you being suspended from being able to use the Dial-A-Ride service.  If the Dial-a-Ride driver hasn’t arrived within your 30-minute pickup window, call the call center at 503-815-8283.

Travel times will vary based upon trip distance, traffic conditions, road construction, and other customers being served.  Dial-a-Ride drivers do their best to make pickups on time and to get customers to their destinations on time.  Drivers must be able to park their vehicles in safe locations that does not block or impede traffic, and allows the driver to maintain sight of their vehicle.  There will be times when service will be delayed due to traffic, poor weather or other road conditions.

Cancelling a Trip

Call the TCTD call center at 503-815-8283 at least 2 hours prior to cancel a trip.  Failure to cancel your trip within the 2 hours of your pickup time will be recorded as a No-Show.  Repeated no-shows or late trip cancellations may result in service suspension.

Dial-a-Ride Fare and Pass Information

Fares and Passes

  • Regular Fare (Adult), one-way ride.………..…………$4.00
  • Passengers with disability, one-way ride……………$2.00
  • Seniors, 60 years or older, one-way ride……….……$2.00

Pay the driver exact change.  TCTD offers a 10 Ride Punch Pass Card.  A Regular Fare Punch Pass Card is $40 while Reduced Fare Punch Card is $20.  Punch cards’ can be purchased directly from the driver or at the TCTD office at 3600 3rd Street, Suite A, Tillamook, OR.

Items Customers may Bring on the Dial-a-Ride Vehicle

Personal Care Attendant

You must travel with a personal care attendant if you are unable to travel by yourself.  At the time of your trip reservation, it will be determined if an attendant is needed for your travel to:

  • Push your wheelchair
  • Assist you at your destination
  • Ensure safe travel

Personal care attendants ride free of charge.  Attendants must have the same pickup and drop-off locations as the Dial-a-Ride customer.

Guests and Children

Guests (friends, relatives or companions other than your attendant) pay the same fare as Dial-a-Ride riders.  When requesting a ride, you must tell the customer service representative if you plan to travel with a guest or guests.  Children must be supervised by a responsible adult while riding Dial-a-Ride.  You must provide an approved car seat for a child and you must be responsible for the safe securement of your child’s car seat.

Service Animals

When requesting a ride, notify the call center if you are going to be traveling with a service animal.  Pets must travel in a driver approved carrier and present no health or safety threat to the driver or other passengers.  Pet owners must control their animals at all times.  TCTD is not liable for any injuries as a result of a failure by the owner to control their animals.

Carry-on Bags

Due to space and time limitations, we request customers to limit their carry-ons to no more than 4 bags.

Mobility Devices

All mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters must be secured in the vehicle.  Drivers will assist customers in boarding and deboarding the Dial-a-Ride vehicle as needed.  Securement straps are available and can be secured to your mobility device to allow easy, safe securement.  To make an appointment to have securement straps placed on your mobility device, call 503-815-8283.

Be a Courteous Rider

No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in Dial-a-Ride vehicles.  Your safety is very important to TCTD.  In order to ensure your safety, please do not distract the driver to ensure your safety, please do not distract the driver with excessive talking to them.

Volunteer Drivers

TCTD relies upon volunteers to provide dial-a-ride transportation services to the rural regions of Tillamook County.  If you are interested in making sure your neighbors get to their doctor appointments and go shopping and you have a few hours to donate we’d like to encourage you to become a volunteer Dial-a-Ride driver.  TCTD provides training, insurance, well-maintained vans, uniforms and a wonderful new group of friends.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Tillamook County Transportation District
3600 Third Street, Suite A
Tillamook, OR 97141

Columbia Pacific Coordinated Care Organization Members

“The Wave’s” Dial-a-Ride service also offers Tillamook County residents who are Columbia Pacific Community Care Organization members transportation to and from their Oregon Health Authority covered medical appointments.  You must schedule your trip through the NW Rides call center at 888-793-0439.  NW Rides hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM excluding holidays.