Coastal Connector Disruption

Due to the Polk County Fair taking place from August 10th-13th, the Coastal Connector and Grand Ronde Express Bus service will not be able to stop at the is location.  The alternate location is at the Stop & Save (south side of building).

TCTD Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Positions Available

Tillamook County Transportation District (TCTD) is seeking volunteers to serve on the District’s Transportation Advisory Committee.  The TAC will advise and assist the District’s Board of Directors on issues and matters related to the enhancement of local and regional public transportation services within Tillamook County.

Members are appointed by the TCTD Board of Directors to serve a 3-year term and meetings are generally held on a quarterly schedule.  To be qualified to serve on the Committee, an individual must:

  • Reside or work in Tillamook County
  • Be knowledgeable about the public transportation needs of residents and employees located within or traveling to and from the County
  • Represent various constituency groups within the County and be representative of the perspectives of the various demographics of Tillamook County

Find the Application Here:

Submit your completed application to Natalie Zuercher at  [email protected] or call 503-354-8079 for any questions!

TCTD Board of Directors Position #4 Vacancy

The Tillamook County Transportation District (TCTD) Board of Directors is requesting applications from citizens interested in filling the Board’s Open Position # 4 vacancy. The TCTD Board of Directors are responsible for adopting an annual budget and setting policy for all public transit operations in Tillamook County.

TCTD was established in July 1997 to provide Tillamook County residents with public transportation services. The District has grown over the years and now operates 7 fixed routes 7 days per week providing connecting services to Portland, Lincoln City, Cannon Beach, Salem and Yamhill County. The District also operates demand response services called Dial-A-Ride and provides non-emergency medical transportation services for Tillamook County residents to access to medical services in Portland and Salem.

Application forms are available HERE:

Applications may also be picked up at the TCTD Office located at 3600 3rd Street, Suite A, Tillamook. For more information please contact Natalie Zuercher at 503-354-8079 or at [email protected]

Celebrating Rural Transit Day July 16, 2022

For Immediate Release

July 11, 2022

From:  Jeff Hazen

Executive Director

Sunset Empire Transportation District


Sunset Empire Transportation District has announced that they will be celebrating Rural Transit Day on July 16, 2022. The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) designated the first Rural Transit Day on July 16, 2019. Rural Transit Day recognizes the importance of what Rural Transit providers do and recognizes including the importance of rural transit staff and rural transit passengers as well. Sunset Empire Transportation District staff may voluntarily sign a Transportation Day Pledge of 10 actions that signers promise to uphold every day. “We are dedicated to providing safe, reliable and innovative transportation services to the people of Clatsop County” said Executive Director, Jeff Hazen. “Rural Transit connects people to their work, shopping, medical appointments and other services and we connect people to needed services in rural destinations outside of the local area as well” Hazen added.  Rural Transit Day focuses on what rural transit services do and the importance of the specialized needs of rural passengers and transportation staff. “We have all faced many challenges in the past 2 years.  SETD’s staff and board remained dedicated to providing the best rural transit possible and our riders have continued to be very understanding and supportive. All are truly Rural Transit Hero’s.” said Executive Director Hazen.

For more information, please visit the SETD website at or contact Executive Assistant Mary Parker at 503-791-0867 or [email protected]  

Para publicación inmediata

julio 11, 2022

De: Jeff Hazen

Directora Ejecutiva

Distrito de transporte de Sunset Empire


Sunset Empire Transportation District ha anunciado que celebrarán el Día del Tránsito Rural el 16 de julio de 2022. El Programa Nacional de Asistencia de Tránsito Rural (RTAP) designó el primer Día de Tránsito Rural el 16 de julio de 2019. El Día del Tránsito Rural reconoce la importancia de lo que hacen los proveedores de Tránsito Rural y reconoce la importancia del personal de tránsito rural y los pasajeros de tránsito rural también. El personal del Distrito de Transporte de Sunset Empire puede firmar voluntariamente un Compromiso del Día del Transporte de 10 acciones que los firmantes prometen cumplir todos los días. “Estamos dedicados a proporcionar servicios de transporte seguros, confiables e innovadores a la gente del condado de Clatsop”, dijo el Director Ejecutivo, Jeff Hazen. “Rural Transit conecta a las personas con su trabajo, compras, citas médicas y otros servicios y también conectamos a las personas con los servicios necesarios en destinos rurales fuera del área local”, agregó Hazen.  El Día del Tránsito Rural se centra en lo que hacen los servicios de tránsito rural y la importancia de las necesidades especializadas de los pasajeros rurales y el personal de transporte. “Todos hemos enfrentado muchos desafíos en los últimos 2 años.  El personal y la junta directiva de SETD permanecieron dedicados a proporcionar el mejor tránsito rural posible y nuestros pasajeros han seguido siendo muy comprensivos y solidarios. Todos son verdaderamente héroes del tránsito rural”, dijo el Director Ejecutivo Hazen.

Para obtener más información, visite el sitio web de SETD en o comuníquese con la Asistente Ejecutiva Mary Parker al 503-791-0867 o mar[email protected]

Press Release- Summer Routes Start July 1, 2022 Horarios de las rutas de verano para comenzar

From:  Jeff Hazen

June 23, 2022

Executive Director

Sunset Empire Transportation District


Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) has announced the implementation of their Summer Route Schedules. Summer Route Schedules are a slightly modified version of the regular schedules. “We need to modify our schedules slightly during the summer months due to the heavy traffic, construction and other delays specifically along Highway 101 between Astoria and Cannon Beach.” said Executive Director Jeff Hazen. “After the last couple of summers we are counting on a very busy summer in Clatsop County this year” Hazen also said.

The SETD Summer Schedules will start on July 1, 2022 and run through October 2, 2022. Schedules are posted in all shelters, available on the district website at (schedules, routes and fares) on July 1st, on all SETD buses, at the Astoria Transit Center and the Seaside Transit Office.  For more information, please contact Executive Assistant Mary Parker at 503-791-0867 or [email protected]

junio 23, 2022
De: Jeff Hazen
Directora Ejecutiva
Distrito de transporte de Sunset Empire
Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) ha anunciado laimplementación de sus Horarios de Rutasde Verano. Los chedules de la Ruta Sde Verano son una versión ligeramente modificada de los horarios regulares. “Necesitamos modificar nuestros horarios ligeramente durante los meses de verano debido al tráfico pesado, la construcción y otros retrasos específicamente a lo largo de la autopista 101 entre Astoria y Cannon Beach”. dijo el director ejecutivo Jeff Hazen. “Después de los últimos dos veranos, contamos con un verano muy ocupado en el condado de Clatsop este año”, dijo Hazen.
Los horarios de verano de SETD comenzarán el 1 de julio de 2022 y se extenderán hasta el 2 de octubre de 2022. Los horarios se publican en todos los refugios, disponibles en el sitio web del distrito en en todos los autobuses SETD, en el Centro de Tránsito de Astoria y en la Oficina de Tránsito de Seaside.
Para obtener más información, comuníquese con la asistente ejecutiva Mary Parker al 503-791-0867 o [email protected]



For Immediate Release

From: Jeff Hazen

Executive Director

Sunset Empire Transportation District


Sunset Empire Transportation District will be honoring the Juneteenth Federal Holiday. Juneteenth is typically held on June 19th however this year June 19th falls on a Sunday, so it will be recognized on Monday June 20th. “This is an important day in our history and represents freedom for Americans and has been celebrated for many years.” said Executive Director Jeff Hazen. SETD will be operating it’s regular weekday schedule all day on June 20th. Executive Director Hazen also said, “We have distributed posters explaining the meaning of the symbolic Juneteenth flag so that more are aware of how important this day is to all Americans.”  For more information contact Jeff Hazen at [email protected] or call and 503-861-5399.





 Astoria Transit Center and the Seaside Transit Office will be closed.

See our schedules, routes and fares at




Astoria Transit Center y la Oficina de Seaside Transit estarán cerradas.

 Mira nuestros horarios, rutas y tarifas en

Alejandro Palacious-Hernandez SETD Employee of the Quarter/Empleado Del Trimestre

Sunset Empire Transportation District’s Management Team has selected Alejandro (Alex) Palacious- Hernandez as Employee of the First Quarter of 2022.  Alex was presented with a certificate and gift during the April 29, 2022, allstaff meeting. Alex started working for SETD August 13, 2021, as the Assistant Mechanic. He was then promoted to the Mechanic position on October 20, 2021. Alex is responsible for maintaining all the district buses, vehicles, office buildings, shop, bus shelters and reporting the ongoing status of these to the Maintenance Supervisor. While working, Alex has also continued to study and train for his CDL B License which he passed on February 14, 2022.

Alex has many job duties and is a very hard worker He is known for his reliability and helping wherever he can. Alex goes above and beyond in everything he does and always greets everyone with a smile. Alex is a great asset to SETD.

When not working at SETD, Alex enjoys spending time with his family. 

                              Congratulations and thank you for all you do Alex!

Alejandro Palacious-Hernandez

El Equipo de Administración del Distrito de Transporte de Sunset Empire ha seleccionado a Alejandro (Alex) Palacious-Hernández como Empleado del Primer Trimestre de 2022.  Alex recibió un certificado y un regalo durante la reunión de todo el personal del 29 de abril de 2022. Alex comenzó a trabajar para SETD el 13 de agosto de 2021 como mecánico asistente. Luego  fue ascendido a la  posición de Mecánico el  20 de octubre de 2021.  Alex es responsable de mantener todos los autobuses del distrito, vehículos, edificios de oficinas, tiendas, marquesinas de autobuses e informar el  estado continuo de estos al  Supervisor de Mantenimiento.  Mientras trabajaba, Alex también ha continuado estudiando y entrenando para su licencia CDL B que aprobó el 14 de febrero de 2022.

Alex tiene muchas tareas laborales y es un trabajador muy duro Es conocido por su fiabilidad y ayuda en todo lo que puede. Alex va más allá en todo lo que hace y siempre saluda a todos con una sonrisa. Alex es un gran activo para SETD.

Alnotrabajar en SETD, Alex disfruta pasar tiempo con su familia. 

                              ¡Enhorabuena yt hank you por todo lo que haces Alex!

Second Budget Committee Meeting Cancelled/Reunión del Comité de Presupuesto cancelada

Budget Committee Meeting Cancelled

The second Sunset Empire Transportation District Budget Committee Meeting scheduled for May 25, 2022 at 9 AM has been cancelled. For more information contact Mary Parker at [email protected] or 503-861-5370

Reunión del Comité de Presupuesto cancelada

La segunda reunión del Comité de Presupuesto del Distrito de Transporte de Sunset Empire programada para el 25 de mayo de 2022 a las 9 AM ha sido cancelada.

Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Mary Parker al [email protected] o al 503-861-5370