TCTD Seeking Transportation Advisory Committee Volunteers

Tillamook County Transportation District (TCTD) is seeking volunteers from Tillamook County who would like to serve on the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC will advise and assist the District’s Board of Directors on issues and matters related to the enhancement of local and regional public transportation services within Tillamook County.

Members are appointed by the TCTD Board of Directors to serve a 3-year term and meetings are generally held on a quarterly schedule. To be qualified to serve on the TAC, an individual must:

  • Reside or work in Tillamook County
  • Be knowledgeable about the public transportation needs of residents and employees located within or traveling to and from the County
  • Represent various constituency groups within the County and be representative of the perspectives of the various demographics of Tillamook County

To access the application, please click: Applications are also available Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM at the TCTD Administration Building, located at 3600 Third Street, Suite A, Tillamook, OR 97141, or can be requested by email to [email protected]

Please return or mail completed applications to:
Tillamook County Transportation District
Attn: General Manager
3600 Third St, Ste A
Tillamook, OR 97141

For questions or more information, please contact Shannon Wakeman at 503-354-8079 or at [email protected]

Board Member Vacancy

Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) is accepting applications to fill one open position on its Board of Commissioners.
The appointee will serve the remainder of an open term of Position 6 until term expiration June 30th, 2023.
The Sunset Empire Transportation District Board of Commissioners is comprised of 7 board members. Each member is elected by the registered voters of the district to serve a 4-year term. Applicants for the vacant position must be registered voters who reside within the district’s boundaries.
Interested candidates can access an information packet, which includes information about the district, position and application/selection process by going to this link on the SETD website. Packets may also be picked up at the Astoria Transit Center, 900 Marine Drive or the Seaside Transit Office, 39 N Holladay, Seaside. Alternatively, you, you may request a packet by contacting Mary Parker, Executive Assistant at [email protected] or by calling 503-861-5370.
Completed applications may be emailed to [email protected], dropped off at the Astoria Transit Center or Seaside Transit office or mailed to SETD 900 Marine Drive Astoria, Oregon 97103. The deadline to submit applications for this vacancy is 5:00 pm July 14, 2021
For more information, please Jeff Hazen, Executive Director at 503-861-5399

Fare Changes and Expanded Transportation Options Coming to Dial-A-Ride

Tillamook County Transportation District will launch a restructured fare policy for its Dial-A-Ride services beginning July 1, 2021. These changes are the result of an 18-month-long study into the District’s current fare and service offerings and was unanimously adopted at the May 17, 2021 meeting of the Board of Directors.

“Before, Dial-A-Ride was primarily limited to trips within one zone,” explains Doug Pilant, General Manager for the District. “We knew this left a large, unmet need in the community. We are excited that as of July 1, people can request a Dial-A-Ride for transportation to anywhere in the county. This represents a significant increase in transportation options for Tillamook County residents.”

Before, Dial-A-Ride was $4 for any one-way trip within a zone, or $2 for those qualifying for a reduced fare. Two-zone trips were only allowed for medical purposes only, and cost $12.50 each way. Now, Dial-A-Ride users will pay a regular fare of $4 or a reduced fare of $2 for any trip up to 5 miles, then just $0.50 per mile after that. Trips can be taken from anywhere in the county, to anywhere in the county, for any purpose.

“Most of our current trips are under 5 miles,” Doug continues. “We expect that will change over time with the elimination of the single zone travel restriction. Our new fare structure will make longer trips affordable and accessible to people while adding more fare equity into the system.”

The District anticipates revised fare policies for its bus services to be rolled out later this summer. 

For more information, or to reserve a Dial-A-Ride, please call the District at 503-815-8283.

Examples of the Fare Policy:
A disabled individual from Rockway needs to travel 16 miles to her doctor’s office in Tillamook. Under the old fare policy, this two-zone medical trip would have cost $12.50 each way. Under the new policy, this trip will cost $7.50 each way.
An individual from Oceanside wants to go to Fred Meyer. Under the old fare policy, this one-zone trip would cost $4. Under the new fare policy, this trip will cost $7.
An elderly individual from Neskowin wants to attend a family function in Tillamook. Under the old fare policy, this person would have been unable to use Dial-A-Ride as this is a cross-zone trip for nonmedical purposes. Under the new fare policy, this trip can be booked for $15.50 each way.

Service Changes July 1, 2021

Effective July 1, 2021:

The changes, all of which take effect on July 1, 2021, are as follows:

• A base fare of $3.00 will be established for all Dial-A-Ride trips.

• A $1.00 discount from the base fare will be available to all riders with a Reduced Fare Program card.

• The service area for Dial-A-Ride will be expanded to cover the entire County.

• An additional charge of $.75 per mile will be added for Dial-A-Ride trips in excess of eight miles.

• The Line 3 South County Flex service will be suspended until further notice.

• The Line 5 Rainier/Longview service will be suspended until further notice.

• The Line 6 Vernonia/Banks/Willow Creek service will be suspended until further notice.

Additionally, while the Line 1 Portland Commuter service ridership remains negatively impacted by COVID-19, frequency of service will be reduced to three (3) morning runs and three (3) evening runs. The schedule for these runs is shown here.

Restricciones de capacidad eliminadas

Sunset Empire Transportation District ha anunciado que los límites de capacidad en todos los autobuses se han levantado con efecto inmediato. Las restricciones de capacidad en el transporte público se han levantado en todo el estado en respuesta al calor extremo que Oregon está experimentando. Los requisitos de mascarilla permanecen en su lugar y deben ser cumplidos por todos los pasajeros antes de abordar los autobuses.

Para obtener más información, comuníquese con Jeff Hazen al 503-861-5399 o [email protected]

Capacity Restrictions Lifted

Sunset Empire Transportation District has announced that capacity limits on all buses have been lifted effective immediately.  Capacity restrictions on public transit have been lift statewide in response to the extreme heat Oregon is experiencing.  Mask requirements remain in place and must be adhered to by all riders prior to boarding buses.

For more information contact Jeff Hazen at 503-861-5399 or [email protected]

SETD buscando información sobre los cambios propuestos en la ruta de verano

Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) está buscando la opinión del público sobre los cambios de horario propuestos ala Ruta s 10, 15, 16, 20 y 101. El propósito de los cambios propuestos es mejorar el rendimiento del autobús a tiempo, aumentar la confiabilidad y agregar frecuencia adicional a la Ruta 101. Los cambios de ruta propuestos están disponibles para su revisión en el sitio web de SETD en o copias impresas están disponibles en el Centro de Tránsito de Astoria o en la Oficina de Tránsito de Seaside y se publican en marquesinas de autobuses, incluidas las marquesinas de autobuses  de Astoria Safeway, Warrenton Fred Meyer, Seaside Avenue A. y Cannon Beach Mid-Town.   Por favor revise los cambios propuestos y envíe comentarios por escrito en el Astoria Transit Center 900 Marine Drive, Astoria o en el Seaside Transit Center en 39 N. Holladay, Seaside. Los comentarios también pueden enviarse por correo a Sunset Empire Transportation District 900  Marine Drive Astoria, OR 97103 o enviarun correo electrónico a  [email protected] Todos los comentarios deben recibirse antes de las 3:00 pm del 23 de junio de 2021.
Todos los comentarios públicos recibidos en relación con los cambios de ruta propuestos se presentarán a la Junta. Los comentarios del público también se tomarán durante la Reunión de la Junta de Zoom de junio de SETD el 24 de junio de 2021, a las 9:00 AM. Se puede acceder a la reunión de la Junta de Zoom en:


ID de reunión 84203959772

De ser aprobados por la Junta, los cambios de ruta propuestos se implementarán el 1 de julio de 2021. Para obtener más información, pcontrato de arrendamiento en contacto con Mary Parker en  [email protected]  o  503-861-5370.

Para publicación inmediata

1 de junio de 2021

De: Jeff Hazen

Director Ejecutivo

Distrito de transporte de Sunset Empire


Sunset Empire Transportation District Board of Commissioners (SETD) está buscando voluntarios del Condado de Clatsop que deseen servir en el Comité Asesor de Transporte (TAC). El TAC asesora a la Junta del Distrito sobre temas relacionados con los planes de transporte, subvenciones, políticas y programas del Distrito con un énfasis especial en el acceso para pasajeros mayores y discapacitados. Las posiciones vacantes actuales de TAC se buscan de personas que pueden representar una o más de las siguientes categorías enumeradas y también son conocedores de las necesidades de transporte público de cada una de ellas.

  • Gobiernos locales, incluidos los planificadores del uso de la tierra
  • Empleadores
  • Usuarios del tránsito
  • Usuarios del tránsito que dependen del tránsito para realizar las actividades diarias
  • Personas de bajos ingresos
  • Defensores de la equidad social
  • Defensores del medio ambiente
  • Defensores de bicicletas y peatones
  • Principales destinos para los usuarios del transporte público

El comité de TAC está compuesto por un total de 7 miembros de la comunidad que son nombrados por la Junta de SETD, un miembro designado de la Junta de SETD y un proveedor de tránsito vecino. El mandato es de 2 años a partir del 1 de julio de 2021 y hasta el 30 de junio de 2023. Las responsabilidades incluyen  tener un conocimiento práctico de los planes, políticas y programas de SETD, asistir a las reuniones programadas  y tomar decisiones cuando sea necesario. Las reuniones de TAC se celebran al menos dos veces al año. Las solicitudes están disponibles de lunes a viernes de 8 AM a 12 del mediodía y de 1 PM a 5 PM en el Astoria Transit Center, 900 Marine Drive en Astoria, Seaside Transit Office, 39 N. Holladay en Seaside, en elsitio web de SETD en  o  a petición se enviará una solicitud por correo. Por favor, devuelva o envíe por correo las solicitudes completadas a Sunset Empire Transportation District, 900 Marine Drive Astoria, OR 97103 antes del 16 de junio de 2021 a las 5:00 PM. Los nombramientos serán hechos por la Junta de Comisionados en lareunión de la Junta del 24 de juniode 2021.  Para obtener más información, comuníquese con  Mary Parker al 503-861-5370  o  [email protected]