SETD Seaside Streetcar

The Sunset Empire Transportation District’s Seaside Streetcar begins it’s 2020 summer schedule today. It will operate every Saturday and Sunday from June 13th thru September 27th. Fare has been suspended until July 1st so there is no cost for this fun hourly cruise through Seaside until then. Everyone loves seeing the sights and enjoying the sea breeze from this unique open window ride. Park your car and jump on the Streetcar for a fun tour of Seaside or bike and ride using the convenient bike rack on the front. Our wonderful driver’s are looking forward to meeting you!



Aubrey A., Kevin B., Mike B., Jeff C., Michael E., Sean G., Sabrina H.-B., Matt J., Bruce K., Thomas L., Mackenzie L., Marty M., Larry M., Terry M., Chuck P., Bill R., Steve S., and the other Steve S., Bill S., James T., Kent W., Kathy W., Suzie B., Demecio dA., Bronn L., Penny M.

The Sunset Empire Transportation District is pleased to announce that our drivers have been chosen as the EMPLOYEES of the Quarter.  From the start of the quarter in January as plans were rolled out for route changes through the current pandemic situation the drivers have conducted themselves in an exemplary manner.  

The quarter started with system-wide route changes.  These changes included additional routes and re-mapping of existing routes.  During this time, a high level of attention to detail and customer service was required.  The drivers provided riders with assistance, handing out new schedules and providing up to date information to assist riders in navigating the system.  During a time of potential stress and disarray the drivers’ smiles and positive attitude helped put people at ease.  While routes were being changed and new buses brought online demands on drivers were increased by the need to hire and train more drivers for the team.  The new drivers came on board and added to the ranks of capable positive drivers at SETD.  

Just when the routes were becoming familiar and riders and drivers alike were becoming more comfortable the pandemic with the restrictions on daily routines hit.  Our drivers have been on the frontlines and maintaining the routes and schedules for those that rely on transit.  The role they have played in maintaining this vital link for so many in our communities cannot be overstated.  The physical and symbolic role that the buses on the road play in the lives of everyone in our towns is immense.  Transit and our drivers maintain the connection that is the literal sustenance that keeps many alive.  

Thank you, SETD Drivers you are seen, appreciated, and recognized as our Employees of the Quarter.  You set a high bar!  

For more information contact Executive Director Jeff Hazen at 503-861-5399 or [email protected]

Transit Center to Reopen

The Astoria Transit Center and the Seaside Transit Office will reopen on June 29th. Both will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and closed on weekends. See you soon!

Sunset Empire Transportation District Requires Face Coverings For All Riders

For Immediate Release

From:   Jeff Hazen

Executive Director

Sunset Empire Transportation District



Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) has announced it is requiring all bus riders to wear a face covering when riding any of the District buses. Executive Director Jeff Hazen said, “The face covering requirement is in compliance with the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) transit requirements released on May 15th.” The OHA defines a face covering as; “Face covering” means a cloth, paper, or disposable face covering that covers the nose and the mouth.” Hazen said any of the face coverings defined by OHA are acceptable on the bus. Hazen also said that the OHA face covering requirement excludes riders who are under two years of age, have a medical condition that makes it hard to breathe when wearing a face covering or have a disability that prevents the individual from wearing a face covering. Executive Director Hazen said that all SETD bus routes are currently running on normal schedules but have limited capacity due to rider spacing requirements. SETD buses continue to have enhanced disinfecting protocols in place throughout the day and a total disinfection being done every evening.

For questions or more information contact Mary Parker 503-861-5370 or [email protected]


TRANSIT UPDATE: Oregon Health Authority
May 15, 2020
Covid 19 Reopening Guidance

Please only use transit if necessary.
Cloth or paper face coverings that cover nose and mouth are required
Allow 3 feet spacing between Riders
Allow 6 feet spacing from Driver
Drivers will not allow new boarding if bus has reached passenger limits

Thank you for helping keep our community safe!

For more information: Call 503-861-5399 

UPDATE: Public Meeting Changes

Due to the current social distancing requirements Sunset Empire Transportation District’s public meetings will be held electronically via Zoom. Access information to join the SETD Zoom public meetings will be available in advance on each meeting’s individual meeting notice on the SETD website ( SETD public meetings include all Board of Commissioners meetings, workshops, Budget Committee meetings and any other SETD required public meetings. Your voice may be muted upon entering the meeting. The host will unmute you if you are on the agenda or a scheduled guest.

For meetings where public comment is accepted, please refer to the individual SETD meeting notice on the SETD website ( for public comment submission instructions and deadlines. Thank you for your interest and support of Sunset Empire Transportation District and your understanding of any technical difficulties that may arise. Please contact Mary Parker at [email protected] or 503-861-5370 for more information.