Reduced Fare Program

Reduced Fare Program

What is it?

Qualifying individuals will receive $1 off their single ride fare. This program does not apply to monthly passes.

Who Qualifies?

Veterans, Senior Citizens, Students, Disabled Individuals, Low Income individuals

How to receive a card?

Based on Veteran, Student, Senior Citizen status:

Provide our office with valid Veteran ID, Student ID, DMV ID, or with an approved Dial-A-Ride registration.

Based on Disability:

We require verification of your disability by one of the following:

  • A certified/licensed health care provider: Have your provider fill out the reverse side of the application form.
  • The Social Security Administration: Please get a Benefit Information Report or Benefit Verification Letter from your Social Security Administration office dated within the last three months, and include it with your completed application form.
  • A certified agency: Certified agencies include the Senior and Disabled Services Division, Commission for the Blind, Vocational Rehabilitation Division, or a mental health agency. Please contact your agency representative for assistance.
  • The US Department of Veterans Affairs: Please get a Certification Letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs dated within the last three months verifying a disability, and include it with your completed registration form.
  • Other transit agency: Include the name, city and state of the transit agency on your registration form.

Based on Low Income:

1. If you’re a member of one of the following programs, you’re automatically eligible:

  • Oregon Health Plan / Medicaid
  • SNAP: EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Card
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Free & Reduced Price Lunch
  • HUD Housing Choice Voucher
  • LIHEAP (Home Energy Assistance)
  • Employment Related Daycare
  • Women Infants and Children (WIC)

2. If your gross income (before taxes) is below the amount shown in the following table, you’re eligible:

Qualifying gross income (before taxes):

Household Size Max. Gross Income/Mo.Max. Gross Income/Yr.
1 $2,082 $24,980
2 $2,818 $33,820
3 $3,555 $42,660
4 $4,290 $51,500
5 $5,028 $60,340
6 $5,765 $69,180
7 $6,502 $78,020
8 $7,238 $86,860

You’ll need to provide a valid document that verifies your income. These are the documents we accept:

  • Paystubs for the last 30 days (if you get a paycheck)
  • Unemployment pay stub or benefit letter
  • L & I statement (if you receive workers’ compensation)
  • Employment Wage Verification
  • A copy of your most recent tax return (income verification is based on the modified adjusted gross income on your most recent tax return: Form 1040 line 37, Form 1040 A line 21, Form 1040 EZ line 4, or completion of the self-employment worksheet)