10Astoria – Hammond – Warrenton

calendar icon Monday - Friday
bus icon All Year
ticket icon Flat Rate Fare: $1.00

Weekday service through Astoria, with trips to Warrenton and Hammond. Download the schedule PDF

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Warrenton Mini Mart
Stop Code: 306
5:45am 7:17am
Hammond 4 Way
Stop Code: 305
5:51am 7:23am
Parkview Apartments
Stop Code: 314
5:53am 7:25am
Warrenton Mini Mart
Stop Code: 306
5:59am 7:31am
Warrenton Fred Meyer
Stop Code: 301
6:03am 7:35am 1:10pm
Astoria Transit Center
Stop Code: 300
6:15am 7:51am 8:51am 9:51am 10:51am 11:51am 12:51pm 2:51pm 3:51pm 4:51pm 5:51pm 6:51pm 7:51pm
Liberty Theater
Stop Code: 316
R 7:53am 8:53am 9:53am 10:53am 11:53am 12:53pm 2:53pm 3:53pm 4:53pm 5:53pm 6:53pm 7:53pm
Columbia Memorial Hospital
Stop Code: 317
R 7:54am 8:54am 9:54am 10:54am 11:54am 12:54pm 2:54pm 3:54pm 4:54pm 5:54pm 6:54pm 7:55pm
Astoria Safeway
Stop Code: 318
6:21am 7:56am 8:56am 9:56am 10:56am 11:56am 12:56pm 2:56pm 3:56pm 4:56pm 5:56pm 6:56pm 7:56pm
45th & Leif Erickson
Stop Code: 320
R 7:59am 8:59am 9:59am 10:59am 11:59am 12:59pm 2:59pm 3:59pm 4:59pm 5:59pm 6:59pm 7:59pm
Crest Motel
Stop Code: 321
R 8:00am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm 8:00pm
Emerald Heights Loop
Stop Code: 322
R 8:02am 9:02am 10:02am 11:02am 12:02pm 1:02pm 3:02pm 4:02pm 5:02pm 6:02pm 7:02pm 8:02pm
Nimitz Drive and Kincaid Road
Stop Code: 323
R 8:03am 9:03am 10:03am 11:03am 12:03pm 1:03pm 3:03pm 4:03pm 5:03pm 6:03pm 7:03pm 8:03pm
McCain and Nimitz Bus Stop
Stop Code: 324
6:30am 8:04am 9:04am 10:04am 11:04am 12:04pm 1:04pm 3:04pm 4:04pm 5:04pm 6:04pm 7:04pm 8:04pm
Turner and Halsey
Stop Code: 325
R 8:05am 9:05am 10:05am 11:05am 12:05pm 1:05pm 3:05pm 4:05pm 5:05pm 6:05pm 7:05pm 8:05pm
Mitscher Shelter Bus Stop
Stop Code: 326
6:32am 8:06am 9:06am 10:06am 11:06am 12:06pm 1:06pm 3:06pm 4:06pm 5:06pm 6:06pm 7:06pm 8:06pm
Job Corp Center
Stop Code: 327
6:37am 8:11am 9:11am 10:11am 11:11am 12:11pm 1:11pm 3:11pm 4:11pm 5:11pm 6:11pm 7:11pm 8:11pm
51st and Birch
Stop Code: 328
R 8:14am 9:14am 10:14am 11:14am 12:14pm 1:14pm 3:14pm 4:14pm 5:14pm 6:14pm 7:14pm 8:14pm
45th & Cedar
Stop Code: 329
6:41am 8:16am 9:16am 10:16am 11:16am 12:16pm 1:16pm 3:16pm 4:16pm 5:16pm 6:16pm 7:16pm 8:16pm
39th Street Pier
Stop Code: 330
R 8:17am 9:17am 10:17am 11:17am 12:17pm 1:17pm 3:17pm 4:17pm 5:17pm 6:17pm 7:17pm 8:17pm
Astoria Safeway
Stop Code: 331
6:43am 8:18am 9:18am 10:18am 11:18am 12:18pm 1:18pm 3:18pm 4:18pm 5:18pm 6:18pm 7:18pm 8:18pm
Gateway Apartments
Stop Code: 332
R 8:19am 9:19am 10:19am 11:19am 12:19pm 1:19pm 3:19pm 4:19pm 5:19pm 6:19pm 7:19pm 8:19pm
Columbia Memorial Hospital
Stop Code: 333
6:45am 8:20am 9:20am 10:20am 11:20am 12:20pm 1:20pm 3:20pm 4:20pm 5:20pm 6:20pm 7:20pm 8:20pm
Clatsop Community College
Stop Code: 334
6:50am 8:25am 9:25am 10:25am 11:25am 12:25pm 1:25pm 3:25pm 4:25pm 5:25pm 6:25pm 7:25pm 8:25pm
Peter Pan
Stop Code: 336
R 8:28am 9:28am 10:28am 11:28am 12:28pm 1:28pm 3:28pm 4:28pm 5:28pm 6:28pm 7:28pm 8:26pm
Short Stop Bus Stop
Stop Code: 338
6:55am 8:31am 9:31am 10:31am 11:31am 12:31pm 1:31pm 3:31pm 4:31pm 5:31pm 6:31pm 7:31pm 8:31pm
Astoria High School
Stop Code: 335
6:57am 8:33am 9:33am 10:33am 11:33am 12:33pm 1:33pm 3:33pm 4:33pm 5:33pm 6:33pm 7:33pm 8:33pm
Astoria Transit Center
Stop Code: 300
7:04am 8:37am 9:37am 10:37am 11:37am 12:37pm 1:37pm 3:37pm 4:37pm 5:37pm 6:37pm 7:37pm 8:37pm
Warrenton Fred Meyer
Stop Code: 301
7:14am 1:57pm 8:57pm
Warrenton Mini Mart
Stop Code: 306
7:17am 1:15pm 9:02pm
Hammond 4 Way
Stop Code: 305
1:21pm 9:07pm
Warrenton Mini Mart
Stop Code: 306
1:29pm 9:12pm