1Downtown Portland

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bus icon All year
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Intercity bus service with stops in Portland, Linnton, Scappoose, Warren, and St. Helens. Download the schedule PDF

Stop Run #1 Run #2 Run #3 Run #4 Run #5 Run #6 Run #7 Run #8 Run #9 Run #10
SW Salmon Between 6th & Broadway-Portland
5:43am 6:43am 7:43am 8:43am 12:30pm 3:30pm 4:30pm 5:30pm
Union Station, Portland
8:53am 3:40pm
HWY 30/NW 111th Ave/Linnton
6:03am 7:03am 8:03am 9:10am 12:50pm 4:00pm 4:55pm 5:50pm 7:00pm
Hwy 30/Havlik Dr
6:13am 7:13am 8:13am 9:20am 10:48am 1:00pm 4:10pm 5:05pm 6:00pm 7:10pm
Scappoose-1st st & Prairie St-Park & Ride
6:16am 7:16am 8:16am 9:23am 10:51am 1:03pm 4:13pm 5:08pm 6:05pm 7:13pm
Bowling Alley Lane
6:27am 7:27am 8:27am 9:33am 11:02am 1:15pm 4:25pm 5:25pm 6:17pm 7:25pm
St Helens Transit Center
6:32am 7:32am 8:32am 9:38am 11:07am 1:20pm 4:30pm 5:30pm 6:22pm 7:30pm
Stop Run #1 Run #2 Run #3 Run #4 Run #5 Run #6 Run #7 Run #8 Run #9 Run #10
St Helens Transit Center
4:50am 5:45am 6:45am 7:45am 10:00am 11:35am 2:30pm 3:30pm 4:25pm 5:40pm
Bowling Alley Lane
4:55am 5:50am 6:50am 7:50am 10:05am 11:40am 2:35pm 3:35pm 4:30pm 5:45pm
Scappoose-1st st & Prairie St-Park & Ride
5:06am 6:02am 7:02am 8:02am 10:17am 11:52am 2:46pm 3:46pm 4:42pm 5:56pm
Hwy 30/Havlik Dr
5:10am 6:06am 7:06am 8:06am 10:21am 11:56am 2:50pm 3:50pm 4:47pm 6:00pm
HWY 30/NW 112th Ave/Linnton
5:24am 6:20am 7:20am 8:20am 12:10pm 3:04pm 4:04pm 5:02pm 6:14pm
SW Salmon St/SW 14th Ave
5:39am 6:37am 7:37am 8:37am 12:25pm 3:20pm 4:20pm 5:20pm 6:29pm
SW Salmon between 6th and 5th Avenues
5:42am 6:42am 7:42am 8:42am 12:30pm 3:25pm 4:25pm 5:25pm 6:34pm
Gillihan Rd & Sauvies Island


Zone1 Zone2 Zones3 or more Zones
Cost$5.00 ($4.00)6.00 ($5.00)7.00 ($6.00)
Honored Citizens and Students ride for a reduced fare as indicated in parentheses above.