PCPacific Connector

calendar icon Saturday - Sunday
bus icon All Year
ticket icon Flat Rate Fare: $1.00

Weekend service connecting Astoria to Cannon Beach with connections to Tillamook County Download the schedule PDF

Stop Run #1 Run #2 Run #3 Run #4 Run #5
Family Market
Stop Code: 425
9:23am 11:33am 2:33pm 4:43pm 7:23pm
Wayside Inn
Stop Code: 430
9:30am 11:40am 2:40pm 4:50pm 7:30pm
Yukon Street
Stop Code: 431
9:31am 11:41am 2:41pm 4:51pm 7:31pm
Midtown Bus Stop
Stop Code: 433
9:33am 11:43am 2:43pm 4:53pm 7:33pm
Cannon Beach Visitor Center
Stop Code: 434
9:37am 11:47am 2:47pm 4:57pm 7:37pm
McDonald's (Avenue A Northbound)
Stop Code: 404
9:49am 11:59am 2:59pm 5:09pm 7:49pm
Seaside Cinema
Stop Code: 400
9:53am 12:03pm 3:03pm 5:13pm 7:53pm
Across from Bowling Alley
Stop Code: 409
9:59am 12:09pm 3:09pm 5:19pm 7:59pm
Sunset Beach
Stop Code: 307
10:06am 12:16pm 3:16pm 5:26pm 8:06pm
Stop Code: 312
10:11am 12:21pm 3:21pm 5:31pm 8:11pm
Warrenton Fred Meyer
Stop Code: 301
10:20am 12:30pm 3:30pm 5:40pm 8:20pm
Astoria Transit Center
Stop Code: 300
10:30am 12:40pm 3:40pm 5:50pm 8:30pm
Stop Run #1 Run #2 Run #3 Run #4 Run #5
Astoria Transit Center
Stop Code: Stop Code: 300
8:30am 10:40am 1:40pm 3:50pm 6:30pm
Holiday Inn Express
Stop Code: Stop Code: 337
8:32am 10:42am 1:42pm 3:52pm 6:32pm
Warrenton Fred Meyer
Stop Code: Stop Code: 301
8:40am 10:50am 1:50pm 4:00pm 6:40pm
Ensign and 101
Stop Code: Stop Code: 302
8:43am 10:53am 1:53pm 4:03pm 6:43pm
Sunset Beach
Stop Code: Stop Code: 307
8:50am 11:00am 2:00pm 4:10pm 6:50pm
Bowling Alley
Stop Code: Stop Code: 407
8:57am 11:07am 2:07pm 4:17pm 6:57pm
Seaside Cinema
Stop Code: Stop Code: 400
9:00am 11:10am 2:10pm 4:20pm 7:00pm
Avenue A
Stop Code: Stop Code: 403
9:05am 11:15am 2:15pm 4:25pm 7:05pm
Candy Kitchen
Stop Code: Stop Code: 423
9:17am 11:27am 2:27pm 4:37pm 7:17pm
Family Market
Stop Code: Stop Code: 425
9:23am 11:33am 2:33pm 4:43pm 7:23pm