Seaside Streetcar

calendar icon Saturday - Sunday
bus icon Memorial Day Weekend to End of September
ticket icon Flat Rate Fare: $1.00

Runs hourly on Summer weekends in a loop through Seaside. Great for sightseeing or riding in vintage, open-air style. Download the schedule PDF

Stop Run #1 Run #2 Run #3 Run #4 Run #5 Run #6 Run #7 Run #8 Run #9
Seaside Cinema
Stop Code: 400
11:00am 12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 5:00pm 6:00pm 7:00pm
12th & Necanicum
Stop Code: 401
11:02am 12:02pm 1:02pm 2:02pm 3:02pm 4:02pm 5:02pm 6:02pm 7:02pm
Seaside Aquarium
Stop Code: 410
11:05am 12:05pm 1:05pm 2:05pm 3:05pm 4:05pm 5:05pm 6:05pm 7:05pm
Seaside Convention Center
Stop Code: 411
11:06am 12:06pm 1:06pm 2:06pm 3:06pm 4:06pm 5:06pm 6:06pm 7:06pm
Broadway & Holladay
Stop Code: 412
11:08am 12:08pm 1:08pm 2:08pm 3:08pm 4:08pm 5:08pm 6:08pm 7:08pm
Stop Code: 413
11:18am 12:18pm 1:18pm 2:18pm 3:18pm 4:18pm 5:18pm 6:18pm 7:18pm
Stop Code: 415
11:28am 12:28pm 1:28pm 2:28pm 3:28pm 4:28pm 5:28pm 6:28pm 7:28pm
Avenue U & Hwy 101
Stop Code: 417
11:34am 12:34pm 1:34pm 2:34pm 3:34pm 4:34pm 5:34pm 6:34pm 7:34pm
Circle Creek
Stop Code: 414
11:38am 12:38pm 1:38pm 2:38pm 3:38pm 4:38pm 5:38pm 6:38pm 7:38pm
Guesthouse Inn
Stop Code: 416
11:42am 12:42pm 1:42pm 2:42pm 3:42pm 4:42pm 5:42pm 6:42pm 7:42pm
Avenue A & Hwy 101
Stop Code: 418
11:45am 12:45pm 1:45pm 2:45pm 3:45pm 4:45pm 5:45pm 6:45pm 7:45pm
Seaside Pool
Stop Code: 419
11:46am 12:46pm 1:46pm 2:46pm 3:46pm 4:46pm 5:46pm 6:46pm 7:46pm
Thousand Trail
Stop Code: 420
11:48am 12:48pm 1:48pm 2:48pm 3:48pm 4:48pm 5:48pm 6:48pm 7:48pm
Seaside Cinema
Stop Code: 400
11:50am 12:50pm 1:50pm 2:50pm 3:50pm 4:50pm 5:50pm 6:50pm 7:50pm